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Diamond Earrings for Men

Diamond Earrings For Men: The ULTIMATE Buyer’s Guide!

Finding diamond earrings for men that are subtle and make a statement at the same time is a difficult task to accomplish. We have created this buyer’s guide to ensure you make the correct decision when purchasing your very own set of diamond earrings.

You might be asking yourself, “why are you qualified to tell me what diamond earrings for men are correct for me?”, this is a VERY valid question.  I have always been interested in fashion as a young man growing up in the “suburbs”, mainly because fashionable men tend to have a better chance with the ladies, but also to appear more “put together” in general. I am now about to graduate from college and feel that my “fashion sense” has evolved greatly (especially in terms of diamond studs and the earrings I have been wearing). Finding that “sweet spot” between subtle and making a statement and turning heads when you enter a room (from interested parties) is a very difficult task to accomplish. I have most definitely hit this sweet spot and want to share with you the knowledge I have acquired from years upon years of wearing earrings.

It’s time for you to STOP buying diamond earrings for men that make you seem unfashionable! Read on to figure out what earring is correct for you!


Pick the correct diamond shape for YOUR face:

Many people don’t realize that the shape of the diamond on your earring is essentially the “make or break point” for how the earring will look on your face. You want to pick the correct stone to ensure your earrings compliment your look and not destroy your appearance. One of the largest mistakes novice earring purchasers make is buying an earring because of the price tag (diamonds in the $X,XXX range are not always the answer), people will often overlook the quality and price tag and if it looks appropriate on your face.

Let’s take a look at an example; if you have a round face you should choose a diamond that has a lot of vertical length. Reason being, a longer diamond will balance out the roundness of your face. On the other hand, if your face is longer, you should decide upon a round cut diamond. I personally have a rounder face and what I have found to look the best is an emerald cut because of the length it posses (it really compliments my whole look).

Another very important element that is often overlooked is the size of your earlobe. You should refrain from getting a diamond that has too many karats because it will give your entire ear the appearance of looking droopy (this is definitely NOT the look we are going for). But, if you have larger lobes, a higher karat diamond might be just what you need in order to pull your entire outfit, or look together!


Match your earrings to your style!

“Flashy” is not always the way to go. If you dress in a lot of bright clothing, the last thing you want to do is “overpower” onlookers with a yellow diamond. Instead, you should go for a more neutral diamond. An example of this would be a white diamond, or some sort of platinum loop. Do you tend to wear a lot of black or dark clothing? Then you should try and spice up your look with some sort of sapphire. Of course these are just suggestions, if you feel that a white diamond with some platinum will look really good with some dark clothing, give it a shot! The worst that can happen is you don’t like the look and have to change before you leave the house (no big deal).

When it comes to diamond earrings for men, your best bet is to go with simplicity. I’m sure you have seen those guys out at the club, or having a drink at the bar with the giant earrings, or earrings that just don’t make sense on them. Through years and years of wearing earrings, I have found that a solitaire diamonds work with EVERY outfit. They are also the most common type of diamond, so it seems like a logical place to start in regard to purchasing diamond earrings for men. But if you’re looking to add some “flare” to your outfit, don’t be afraid to pick up a colored diamond (if you think it will match better with a particular outfit). But instead of blindly buying the diamond, I suggest you go to a retailer near you and try the diamond on first to ensure it doesn’t look “weird” (this will save you a ton of time sending purchases back and forth to the online marketplace you ordered it from).

Another option you are more than welcome to explore is hoop earrings. When looking fro hoop earrings, you want to avoid going with hoops that are too big. If you purchase earrings that are “too big”, not only will you look ridiculous and be the topic of discussion among other guests at whatever nightclub or bar you’re attending, you may also resemble a female. Clearly, the last thing you want to do is buy hoops that are too big for you. The key to finding the correct size for your hoops all depends on the size of your earlobes. You want the hoops to hug your earlobe, if they don’t “hug” your earlobe you should keep trying on various (smaller) sizes until you find the correct one!


The mechanics of your earrings.

There are a few main components that make up your earrings and allow them to function. In order to make sure you get a long life out of your earrings, bite the bullet and spend a little more money than you usually would on your earrings. Reason being, they will hold up for the long term and you will be able to avoid constantly purchasing earrings (in the long run, you will save more money).

Generally, there are two types of diamond stud earrings. The first one is “bezel” and the second one is “prong”. Bezel is the original way jewelers and manufacturers use to secure a diamond in place, it’s very effective and secure way of keeping your diamond in place. Another advantage of buying earrings that have the bezel is built in scratch protection. For example, because of the nature of the bezel setting, the diamond sits lower than the bezel structure, therefore anything that comes into contact with your earring will hit the bezel before it has the chance to mar your diamond.

The second method for securing your diamond is through the “prong” option. Just like the bezel, the prong also has its advantages. For example, instead of covering up little pieces of the diamond like the bezel option does, the prong setting has a metal prong that secures the diamond. This allows for more “shine” off your diamond. This setting also allows for the diamond to be more exposed though (which could lead to a dirtier diamond). It’s all a matter of preference, if you’re looking for more visibility to your diamond, then you should be with the prong option, but if you go with the bezel option, you won’t have to do HALF as much cleaning.

There are also two types of clasps you can decide between. You can either get “push backs”, or you can purchase “screw backs”. Let’s take a quick look at the advantages each one of the these functions posses.

Push back clasps are easy to use and very functional, after you put your earring on, simply push the clasp back and the earring is secured. The main disadvantage to using this type of clasp is it lacks security. For example, if anything comes into in contact with the clasp (especially if it’s loose) it will most likely pop right off, just as easy as it popped on and you’re searching the floor for your earring. With the “screw back” clasp you avoid this messy situation.

The screw back clasp is a little more expensive than the push back, but think about it this way. You have a VERY expensive diamond on your ear, do you want something that just “pushes on” holding that expensive diamond in place? Or, would you prefer something that screws on and secures the diamond FULLY to your ear? Personally, I would prefer the second option!


How much should you spend on your diamond earrings for men?

Many people think that the most expensive diamond is the most appealing to everyone (including themselves). This is not always the case, most of the time people only glance at your earrings to see the shape, or even the color. Sometimes in terms of buying diamond earrings for men, the price tag is not always justified. The price of the diamond you purchase depends on several things. First, if you make a lot of money and want to “splurge” a bit on a beautiful high quality diamond, that’s completely up to you. But people will most likely not know that the diamond was very expensive (unless you tell them). But, there is a huge advantage to buying high quality diamonds instead of “knock offs”. A high quality diamond will not scratch or become damaged because it is one of the strongest substances in the world. If you decide to buy a knock off of some sort of diamond you will be constantly replacing it for more knockoffs.

In the long run if you decide to purchase a REAL diamond (it’s really doesn’t even have to be that expensive) you will end up saving money if you keep the diamond long enough.

But if you don’t have the budget to purchase a real diamond right away, then you will be more than happy with some sort of replica diamond. But, I highly suggest you purchase real diamond earrings when funds become available to you. Another thing to keep in mind when purchasing expensive REAL diamond earrings for men is to keep it simple. For example, when purchasing real diamonds (of course they are expensive) make sure to keep the colors and shapes neutral, the last thing you want to do is spend a “crazy” amount on diamond earrings for men and not be able to wear them with any outfits because the colors and shape of the earrings are to radical.

The bottom line is this, if you have the money and the funds available to buy diamond earrings for men right away, that’s awesome! Personally, I did not have the money to purchase REAL diamond earrings right away, I was in a tough spot and didn’t have the correct job to be able to rationalize buying them. But, a few years ago I left that company and now make significantly more money. The first thing I did with my “new money” was go home, throw out all my knock off diamonds (literally all of them) and went to the most reputable jeweler and purchased some nice, neutral colored and normal shaped diamond studs. I have NOT regretted the decision since!

For all those people that are scanning this section looking for some pricing, you have officially hit the section you have been looking for! If your looking to purchase some mid quality diamond studs you should expect to spend around $300-$400. If you’re willing to spend more than that, let’s say in the five-figure range, you will receive an incredibly high quality diamond, but you have to personally weigh your options. Is it really worth the price? At first, I didn’t think so, but like I stated earlier, I have never been happier with the diamond in my earrings. Also, the looks I get from girls when my diamonds are shining in my ears is crazy, every time I see a girl, she’s shooting me a quick smile and complimenting my earrings (I absolutely love it and you will too).


What earrings should you purchase?

Now that we have discussed all the different possibilities of different diamond earrings for men you can purchase, let’s take a look at some actual products. All the products that I will mention here in this next section come highly recommended from other consumers as well as myself. I also have purchased most of these diamonds, so when I discuss each item, you can rest assured that I know what I’m talking about and fully understand the product!

The first earrings I actually purchased after I got my ears pierced were some simple stainless steel with a replica diamond stud. They were very reasonable at a price tag of right around $8. At the time it was the perfect way to break into the style of wearing earrings on a daily basis. They were round studs with a simple diamond and all neutral colors, meaning they went with pretty much every outfit I wore. With these earrings is where I really discovered my love for the bezel type setting. I could notice right away the bezel was preventing the actual “diamond” from scratching or getting dirty (at least stopping it from getting dirty very often., some basic cleaning and maintenance is required. Click here to check out these awesome “starter” earrings!

With the second set of diamond earrings for men I purchased, I wanted to switch it up a bit. Instead of going with the round “diamond”, I decided to go with a square cut. Once I purchased and unboxed them from Amazon, I was very happy with my purchase. First off, I thought the square cut really added a much-needed dynamic to my face (almost made my face “shine” more). Instead of having the bezel type setting, this set had the prong setting, which I wasn’t a HUGE fan of, but it still did the job. These earrings seemed to be more secure as well. For example, with the first set of earrings I purchased (mentioned in the paragraph above), throughout the day I found myself adjusting them to ensure I didn’t lose any part of the claps (which was very frustrating at times), with this second set I didn’t experience any of these issue. You can click here to check out this second set of earrings!

The last set of earrings I purchased  are actually the earrings I am currently wearing (and wear on a daily basis), they are the pair that I mentioned earlier as the set that I purchased once I left my old job for my current (higher paying) job. I decided to spurge and actually go for the real deal diamond earrings for men. Even though I really like the way the square cut looked on my face (and how it went with a lot of outfits), I decided to go as simple as possible for the real diamond earrings. These earrings are round with 14k white gold and a beautiful setting. They are a little bit more expensive, but they have held up much better than the fake diamond earrings I have had in the past. The diamond is also solitaire, as you know from what I mentioned in previous sections, this is one of the most neutral diamonds of the family. It pretty much goes with everything (in terms of clothing and accessories) and that’s exactly why I bought them. Click here to check out these stunning earrings I personally wear EVERYDAY!


Maintenance for your earrings.

When I first purchased my set of real diamonds, I made a decision to maintain and clean the earrings religiously to ensure that they stayed in pristine condition for as long as possible. There are a couple techniques that I use that have helped me maintain the integrity and condition of my diamond earrings, read on to learn all you’ll need to know about earring maintenance!

The first step in maintenance is actually prevention in regard to storage. When storing your diamond you want to make sure you keep them away from bleach of any sort. When the bleach comes into contact with your diamonds it has the ability to damage them and make them look a little bit cloudier. Extended exposure to bleach will completely ruin the look of your diamonds, so make sure to follow this tip very closely! Also, you don’t want to touch your diamonds very often because of the oils that are transferred from your hands to the diamond. Just like the bleach, the oil from your hands can overtime damage your diamonds.

It happens, your diamond earrings will eventually get dirty and will need some form of cleaning. I use a simple mixture of water and soap to gently clean my diamond earrings. Let’s take a quick look at the “recipe” I use to clean my diamond studs. The mixture consists of one cup of lukewarm water (not to warm, not too cold) and one teaspoon of mild dish soap. Once you have created this mixture, lightly agitate and stir with your finger until the mixture begins to sud up a bit. Do not use any type of dish soap that has any perfumes or dyes, this will do nothing but further “dirty” your diamonds (leaving behind a soap scum like layer). Let your diamond earrings soak in the mixture for three to four minutes, after the soaking period is over, grab a couple dry paper towels and lightly “dab” the water off your earrings, then let them air dry.  You will notice how beautiful your earrings look after you have completed this process!


Final thoughts.

First off, I just want to say thank you for taking the time to read this buyer’s guide. I hope it was informative for you and will aid you in your search for the perfect diamond earrings for men. Whether you are looking for a beautiful set of diamond earrings for men, or your looking for some diamond replicas because you just got your ears pierced, this buyer’s guide should be of substantial value to you!

Start slow in regard to purchasing earrings. If you just got your ears pierced to go and “break the bank” on a brand new set of real diamond earrings. Instead, purchase a few different sets of earrings (in different shapes and possibly different colors) and figure out which set look good on your face! This will also help with deciding what type of earrings you personally like. Once you find the “right” earrings for you, then you can purchase some expensive, high quality earrings!

Thanks again for reading! If you have any questions, or suggestions, leave us a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible!